7 Creative Rooms You Can Add to a Standard Home

In all walks of life, people are challenging what it means to be “normal.” This trend is also being felt in the real estate market throughout the Pacific Northwest. Houses are no longer places for a few bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. Modern houses are being built to guarantee sustainability and satisfy each person’s unique sense of “home.” With this in mind, keep reading for 7 creative rooms you can add to a standard Washington home to give it a unique flair!

1. Recording Studio

You don’t have to be an aspiring pop star to reap the benefits of a home recording studio in the digital era. Whether you are trying your hand at starting your own podcast, need to record an important work presentation as a remote professional, or simply want to create some superlative content for your social media accounts, there are countless reasons to add a recording studio to your home in 2023. When you do, don’t just simply stuff your recording devices into a spare bedroom and call it a day. 

Take some time to turn the space into an actual studio. Invest in ergonomic furniture that makes it comfortable to record for hours on end, home studio acoustic panels to prevent noise transfer to other areas of the house, and power backups so that your sessions are never interrupted by unexpected outages. 

2. Home Gym

With the advent of connected exercise equipment and virtual fitness classes, creating a home gym has become more feasible than ever. While all of this latest technology can give you a great exercise experience at a fraction of the square footage of a traditional gym, you will still want to create as much of an exercise ambience as possible. Polished concrete floors topped with flexible rubber matting and large windows to allow more natural sunlight into the exercise space are great ways to promote the gym vibe within your own home.  

3. Cigar Lounge

Even if you are a remote professional, you still deserve the chance to unwind after work in a calming atmosphere. What better way to achieve this than by creating your very own at-home cigar lounge? Softer lighting, leather furniture, wood flooring, and stone countertops are all hallmarks of creating a relaxing environment for enjoying a scotch and a stogie. Pro tip: remember to apply moisture resistant paint and stain to any wood flooring and furniture. The Pacific Northwest is known for getting more precipitation than the national average, so you want to be sure that your space is adequately protected against any moisture that may get tracked in. 

4. Home Theater

As virtually every streaming platform has their own studio for creating original motion pictures, it is becoming increasingly common for blockbuster movies to skip the theaters and go directly to consumers for rental or purchase. Nonetheless, the excitement over that long awaited release remains the same, so recreate the experience of a family trip to the cinema with an at-home theater. 

There is really no shortage of top-notch big screen televisions and surround sound systems on the market, so it is up to you to pick out the comfy furniture and fun accessories (popcorn machine, anyone?) to make your home theater experience as fulfilling as possible. 

5. Sauna

It is pretty crazy how many people renew their gym membership every year just for the chance to access the sauna. If this rings true for you, why not eschew the inconvenience of having to crowd into close quarters among strangers and build your own sauna? The great aspect of saunas is that they take up very little space, so it is not like you will be making huge sacrifices elsewhere to include one. 

The main priorities for a sauna installation are connecting the electrical wiring to the lights and radiant floor heating thermostat, adding insulation and vapor barriers, and laying down the correct paneling. Once this is accomplished, you can add your bench, heater, and lamp, giving you your very own detoxifying oasis.

6. Pet Room

Animals are part of the family for millions of homeowners across the country. However, on those days of extended Pacific drizzle, it is not always feasible to let them roam in the back yard as much as they are used to.

Therefore, a great way to make them as comfortable as possible on these rainy Washington days is by dedicating a room in your home especially for them. Cat climbing walls, pet-themed decor, and toys galore are some great ideas for creating a special place for your special critters.

7. Game Room

Family game nights create unforgettable bonding opportunities, but too many times, game night fizzles before it can get off the ground due to inadequate playing space. Even though people want to play games, they rarely want to rearrange furniture to set up a card table or switch out table linens in the kitchen. Never let this happen under your roof by creating your very own game room. Place comfy high-back chairs around a poker table for card games and install plush carpet with bean bag seating on the floors for those times when you need to spread out. 

Make Your Home Stand Out With These Creative Room Ideas

New normals are being created each day in 2023, and this definitely extends into the realm of the traditional home. If you are looking for even more creative ways to add cutting-edge rooms to your home, contact Urban NW Homes for a consultation today!