5 Pros And Cons Of Getting A Hot Tub For Your Custom Home

Reasons To Get A Hot Tub

Pro #1: Enhances Your Home

First things first, a hot tub is just a great thing to have to enhance your home and backyard (and make your neighbors jealous). 

From family get-togethers, to inviting the neighbors over, or having the kids play in it, everyone loves a hot tub party.

Most tubs have built-in speakers for blasting music, and some owners will even install a TV in their backyard to watch while enjoying their soak.

Not only does a tub make your backyard more interesting, but you get to spend time enjoying the outdoors. The high water temperature will also allow you to use the tub no matter the time of year.

Pro #2: Relieves Physical Ailments

The physical benefits that a hot tub affords users are numerous. 

Hot water allows the body to relax, which means all your muscles and joints will almost instantly feel better.

Sufferers of arthritis, back problems, and joint stiffness will notice an immediate improvement as the water increases blood supply to problem areas and relieves inflammation.

Headache sufferers will also find relief as the warm water relieves tension, and jets can be used on the neck and spine.

At an average price of $30 per month to heat and operate, it rivals a gym membership, and in many cases is actually cheaper!

Pro #3: Extreme Relaxation

Hot tubs are great tools for relaxation. 

Starting or ending your day in the tub may become the norm for you once you try it, as the endorphins it releases are highly addictive.

Some people prefer to shut off the jets and just enjoy the silence. Mediating or reading are both popular ways to enhance the level of relaxation while in the tub.

For couples, enjoying the tub together can give you a chance to catch up on the day, and enjoy some romance at the same time.

Reasons To NOT Get A Hot Tub

Con #1: Requires Lots of Maintenance

Straight talk: No matter how attractive they are, hot tubs require a lot of maintenance. This means testing the water, adding the proper sanitizing chemicals, and keeping the tub clean at all times. 

Staying on top of maintenance is very important, as people can get very sick from a hot tub if it isn’t monitored closely.

Most hot tub companies claim their spa only requires 15 minutes of work per week, but that is after you’ve figured out a cleaning routine. Most first time hot tub owners aren’t shocked at how much work actually goes into keeping it clean. 

Con #2: They’re Expensive

Price will be a factor when it comes to splurging on a hot tub, but know that you’ll always be paying a pretty penny as they’re a luxury item.

However, this also ensures that your tub will be of high quality for longevity, and exactly how you want it.

An average price for an above ground hot tub is around $6500, but the more bells and whistles you add to it will increase the price. 

Additionally, you’ll have to shell out for additional electricity to run it, as well as an underpad for the tub to rest on, steps for climbing into it, chemicals to keep the water clean, and a cover to keep the water warm to keep the water warm while adding an element of safety to it.


This article is a guest contribution written by Rick Patterson of Poolonomics.com – a pool and spa care blog.