Why Vancouver, Washington is a Great Place to Live

So, you’re thinking of moving out of your current home to settle down in a new place. Well, why not consider Vancouver, Washington? Apart from being a lovely place to live, it’s also worth noting that The Evergreen State was ranked first in the US News’s Best States of 2019. The list was compiled based on multiple data points, including healthcare, education, and economy, among many others. Want to learn more? Then read on, because we’ll be talking about some key reasons why you would want to call Vancouver your home.

Quality Educational Institutions

Vancouver is an ideal place to settle for parents moving in with kids or those looking to pursue postgraduate studies. There are plenty of choices for primary and secondary education. The city also has one college institution, Clark College, and one university, Washington State University – Vancouver. The latter is a Tier 1 research institution that offers both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Accessible Healthcare Options

Vancouver is home to an array of medical institutions. Some hospitals have been around for decades, like the Vancouver Clinic, which has branches all over the city. And there are also newer hospitals, like the Legacy Salmon Creek, that boast state-of-the-art medical technology that helps improve the health of the local community.

Plenty of Work Opportunities

The current state of technology allows workers to do their job from behind a computer screen, meaning they can still “clock in” despite being miles away from their office. But for those looking for traditional place-bound jobs, Vancouver has plenty of options. The healthcare institutions stated above are some of the largest private employers in the city. Others include Fred Meyer Stores, Dick Hannah Car Dealerships, and BNSF Railway. Another option is to find a job in nearby Portland, which many of the current residents have done.

Thriving Business Sector

As for those with a more entrepreneurial mindset, Vancouver is also an ideal place to start a business. The Evergreen State ranked third overall in terms of economy on the Best States of 2019 list, and so if you’re looking to start your own limited liability company in Washington, then there’s plenty to be excited about. The availability of skilled labor is a major boon, as one-third of workers in the state have a postsecondary degree. Its location is also another strength, as the state is situated by the coast which means it has strong connections with nearby ports. Finally, it presents a favorable tax situation for entrepreneurs, because it’s one of the few states with no personal or corporate income tax. Skilled workers, ideal geographical location, and taxless income — what more could an entrepreneur ask for?

Plenty of Things to Do

But let’s not forget that people need their leisure time, too. There are a lot of great attractions to check out in Vancouver. Pay a visit to Fort Vancouver or the Clark County Historical Museum to catch up on some history. If you’re looking to be more attuned to nature, take a trip to the Moulton Falls Regional Park or the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Alternatively, you could head over to the Vancouver Mall or the Vancouver Farmers Market for a shopping spree. There are so many things you could do and so many places to explore.

Vancouver also has a thriving music scene. The Summer Concert Series is an annual event held at Esther Short Park. Pay a visit on any Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday in the months of July and August to see all kinds of bands sharing their music. There’s also the Vancouver Jazz & Wine Festival, held every August. It features world-class jazz artists and music legends — all with a healthy dose of wine.

All in all, Vancouver is a beautiful city filled with gorgeous attractions and historical landmarks. But more than that, it is a great place to settle down, start a business, or even build a family. Have we convinced you? If so, take a look at our beautiful communities in the Vancouver area. We’re sure we have a homestead that’ll suit your needs!

Guest post by Roslin Jenn for urbannw.com