Tips for Setting up a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

One of the benefits of having a home is the ability to host friends and family for overnight visits. When planning and setting up your guest room, a helpful tip is to think about the amenities and qualities you’d expect to find in five-star hotel room. Here’s what you need to know to create a welcoming and comfortable space.

Make it comfy

The most welcoming bedrooms have one thing in common: coziness. Strive to make your guest bedroom as cozy as the other rooms in your home. Starting with the bed (or air mattress, pullout sofa, etc.), you can up the comfort level by selecting plush bedding, adding a featherbed mattress topper, extra blankets, and plenty of pillows.

Provide a place for their belongings

Whether your guest room is a full-fledged room or shared, providing a place for your guests to put their clothes is a thoughtful touch. While living out of a suitcase for shorter trips, especially overnight ones, few people like having to dig through their suitcase for their clothes. Clearing out a drawer in the dresser or setting aside some closet space is enough to provide your guests some options in storing their things. If a dresser isn’t available, consider placing a luggage rack, bench or chair in the room for your guests to place their suitcase on so they don’t have to stoop over the floor to grab a shirt. A nightstand is also a key piece of furniture that will allow them to keep their personal items at easy reach to the bed.

Make them comfortable

Unlike a hotel, you intimately know your guests and can better anticipate what creature comforts they may like. However, everyone appreciates warm hospitality. When guests arrive to your home, especially if this is their first visit, give them a tour of the home to help them get acclimated to the environment. You can point out important nuggets, like which bathroom to use, how to access the wifi, and whether they’re free to help themselves to whatever’s in the kitchen. Think about all the things you’d like to know when staying at someone’s house and you should be good.

These three tips will help you to create a welcoming atmosphere your guests will enjoy.