5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

You’ve done the hard work and finished your deep spring cleaning. Now that you’ve removed the excess clutter, perhaps you’ve noticed how your home could use a bit of a design renewal.

Daydreaming about redecorating your home is always fun, but thankfully refreshing your home doesn’t have to be complicated (or expensive)! Here are some easy ways to refresh your living room for this season.

Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes all you need to do is simply change your perspective. Rethink how your current furniture is laid out and consider new placement ideas. This can be especially helpful if you have been frustrated with your current set up. If your sofa is pushed against the wall, try pulling it toward the center of the room. Get creative and borrow furniture pieces from other rooms to add some newness to your living room. You can also rehome unneeded living room furniture in other areas of your home.

Change the Lighting

Lighting has a big effect on a room’s personality. Floor and table lamps are another inexpensive way to update the living room’s look. Another option is updating the lampshades to a new color or pattern.

Update Textiles

Changing textiles like throw blankets, pillows, curtains and rugs are quick and relatively inexpensive ways to update your living space. These items are great ways to incorporate new patterns and accent colors that coordinate with your room’s dominant color without the commitment of painting or purchasing a new sofa.

Add Some Green

House plants can instantly brighten a home. Embrace nature and modernize your living room by incorporating new potted plants. Small trees are a great way to add a chic pop of color to the room and fill empty space. Similarly, smaller plants like succulents and air plants can fill the same roll on surfaces.

Update Artwork

Another great way to punch up your style is incorporating new artwork. You can always buy new pieces as your budget allows, but don’t forget to consider moving your current artwork around your home. If you have a gallery wall, keep your frames in place and simply swap out the images.