Tips for Choosing the Right Floorplan for Your Family

Right floorplan

Selecting the right layout of your new home is important; while you can always change the paint color or fixtures, it’s much harder to change the floorplan, because contrary to many popular home shows, you can’t always just knock down a wall!.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding which floorplan works best for your family.

  1. How much space do you need? While one family may be happy in a three-bedroom home, another may need five bedrooms. Also, think about how the home will fit your family as it grows with new additions or shrinks as kids move out. Will a one-story home be ideal or do you prefer a two-level home with the bedrooms on the second floor? All these considerations will ultimately determine which floorplans will best satisfy your family’s needs.
  2. What’s your family lifestyle like? Your family lifestyle will factor into the floorplan you ultimately choose. Families with younger children may want to have the bedrooms on the same floor or grouped together on one side of the home. Whereas, families with teens or young adults may be happier with separated bedrooms. Be sure to honestly think about how your family functions; while open floorplans are wildly popular, it might not be the best option for you if your family tends to leave its mark in every room they’re in.
  3. How do you entertain? Many new home floorplans are geared towards entertaining guests, often with wide foyers opening into a great room. If your family and guests always end up congregating in the kitchen, the open floorplan style is a great way to allow everyone to feel like they’re part of the party no matter where they are in your home. However, a floorplan with formal living spaces may work best for you if you prefer to keep the family living area more private.
  4. Do you need special-interest rooms? Aside from the required rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, living room) think about other living spaces you may need. Do you want a separate dining area or is a dining nook enough? Do you need a dedicated space for a home office or a workroom for hobbies? If so, look for floor plans with these dedicated spaces or extra rooms that can be converted to fit your needs.

Considering what you need in your new home that will fit your family needs takes a lot of time but it’s an important and necessary step when selecting a home that is livable now and well into the future. Urban NW Homes offers a variety of floorplans suited for families of all types. Visit our website to view all our floorplans and learn more about our communities.